Discover the Joy of Playing Classical Music with Free Online Piano Lessons

If you want to learn piano, there are many options available. These include one-on-one training, self-teaching and online courses.

Each method has pros and cons, so choose what best fits your needs. Ultimately, your success depends on how much effort you put in and your goals.

Choosing a Course

If you want to start learning piano, you must find a course or app that offers a suitable level of instruction. This is relatively easy, but you may need to try a few different ones before finding the one that best fits your learning style and budget.

There are piano programs that provide an app that works with smartphones and computers. It has a built-in audio speaker and lets users connect their device to a keyboard or electric piano for feedback. They also give students a grade and feedback on their performance, which is a good way to keep them motivated.

Another option uses videos and fun worksheets to teach kids music theory and reading notation. The program also has a self-paced approach so kids can practice and learn independently. This is a great choice for parents who want to help their children learn piano.

Getting Started

This platform offers a comprehensive set of free online piano lessons that are well-rounded and logically structured. Classes cover topics ranging from proper posture, finger dexterity, and note-reading through chords, popular songs, and ear training.

This YouTube channel features over 100 video lessons, starting with content for beginners and moving into intermediate techniques. Classes are organized into playlists to make it easy for students to get started and provide a bit of structure. The videos have a high production value with overhead keyboard views, displayed staff, and highlighted keys, similar to many paid online methods.

This website and app focuses on learning piano with traditional theory and practice. This can be good for those serious about learning to play piano and want to focus on developing a strong musical foundation. However, it may be challenging for students seeking fun and engaging music lessons. The beginner piano lessons only teach students to play songs almost at the end of the beginner course.


Many musicians agree that learning a musical instrument is best done with an in-person teacher. However, that is only sometimes feasible for some people, and online piano lessons, including those of Forbes Music Company, can be a great alternative.

A YouTube channel with video lessons organized into those for beginners, like finger exercises and rhythm exercises, and those with more intermediate skills, such as adding emotion and pedaling. They also offer free guide sheets to supplement these videos.

Getting Feedback

Having the option to get feedback from a teacher is a big plus for any new student. Unfortunately, most free and paid lessons available do not offer this feature.

The program is very easy to set up and use. It requires only a keyboard with 49 keys (although a full 88-key piano with properly weighted keys is preferable). The video lessons are comprehensible and well-designed, and they teach you songs that are popular in music to keep you interested.

Some apps offer a good mix of songs and techniques, with the ability to reduce tempo and loop tricky sections. It’s also very affordable, with a monthly subscription fee and has a mobile app. Another free app provides a complete experience that allows students to submit their practices and performances for feedback from a real teacher. 

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