Do We Really Know the Benefits of Using a 5G Smartphone?

The idea of the 5G Internet was emerging many years ago, and this 5G technology was applied in smartphone manufacturing previously. Yes, everybody is discussing 5G technology about how fast it is, and how convenient it will be and someone may claim that the cost of a 5G connection is astounding! The question is, what are the benefits we can get from using a 5G smartphone? In this article, we will deeply analyze what advantages can be offered by a 5G smartphone, and why some of us can not feel it when using this service.

The Benefits That a 5G Smartphone Could Bring to You 

The speed of data transferring made a leap when 4G came out, and we couldn’t imagine that we could download huge files in just a few minutes, and it was impossible to see a movie online in HD quality without necessarily downloading it in advance. I do believe that many of us don’t know what 5G can offer us, and 5G should just boost the data speed. In fact, a smartphone with a 5G connection can achieve many things that just went popular in recent years. Firstly, a 5G smartphone makes it possible to run VR/AR applications smoothly. VR/AR technology is not new to us, but we have always had a bad impression of VR/AR-related entertainment products. For example, when experiencing VR technology, it is often accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, and this is largely due to network latency, when the VR experience makes a movement, the whole system will have a certain delay from monitoring the movement to reflecting the movement into the VR vision lag, at which time the audience will feel dizzy. Now, 5G is the best solution for the current poor VR/AR experience due to low latency, large bandwidth, and large connection, and will further promote the development progress of VR/AR communication. Secondly, a 5G smartphone can transmit data at an astounding speed. Some users tested the downloading speed of a 5G connection, and they found that, although the connectivity was sometimes unstable, the downloading speed could reach between 40Mb/s to 60Mb/s. Meanwhile, such an amazing speed supported the user to open any websites or applications in a flash without any experience of lagging. In this way, users can make conference calls or videos connection smoothly, which significantly raises the user’s satisfaction. Now, many smartphones support a 5G connection, such as HONOR Magic 4 Lite 5G, which can be easily found in the market.

Why Users Can Not Feel the Amazing Speed of 5G?

Firstly, only 5G-compatible smartphones have access to the 5G Internet. If your smartphone doesn’t belong to this scenario, it will never connect to 5G. Secondly, most of the circumstances do not require a 5G connection. For general internet surfing, running normal applications, a 4G connection is enough to keep it stable. Furthermore, the coverage of the 5G base station is too low in some areas. To connect your smartphone to 5G internet, there should be a 5G base station nearby, and your smartphone can not be blocked in any closed area. In fact, compared to the users living in huge cities, many users living in the countryside or uptown can hardly connect to 5G.


In conclusion, the 5G Internet significantly improves our living quality, especially for those using a 5G smartphone. With the connection to 5G internet, users can enjoy the amazing speed of data transmission, by which they can use VR/AR technology smoothly. Also, a 5G smartphone allows users to download anything instantly, which also improves the experience. However, the connection to 5G requires the user to stay in a 5G coverage area. Moreover, many users have little demand for such a high data speed, and thus they don’t feel the advantage of it.

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