French Foodie in Dublin Irish Food Blog Tours and Events


Dublin, Ireland, a city celebrated for its rich culture, warm hospitality, and vibrant history, is also a hidden gem for food enthusiasts. As a French foodie exploring the culinary scene in Dublin, you’re in for a delightful surprise. In this article, we will embark on a gastronomic journey through the heart of Dublin, exploring Irish food blogs, food tours, and events that will satisfy your craving for culinary excellence.

Dublin’s Culinary Renaissance

In recent years, Dublin’s culinary scene has experienced a renaissance, with a newfound focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative culinary techniques. This transformation has elevated the city to the status of a culinary destination, drawing food enthusiasts from around the world.

As a French foodie, you’ll appreciate Dublin’s commitment to preserving traditional Irish flavors while incorporating international influences, creating a dynamic and diverse food landscape.

Exploring Irish Food Blogs

To truly immerse yourself in Dublin’s food culture, start by diving into the world of Irish food blogs. These online platforms provide a wealth of information, from restaurant reviews and recipes to insider tips on where to find the best local ingredients.

The Daily Spud: Run by food writer Aoife Cox, The Daily Spud offers a mix of humor and mouthwatering Irish recipes. It’s an excellent resource for discovering authentic Irish dishes and understanding the local food culture.

GastroGays: Russell James Alford and Patrick Hanlon, known as the GastroGays, share their love for Irish food and travel experiences. Their blog is a treasure trove of restaurant recommendations, recipes, and travel stories.

The Dubliner’s Dilemma: Writer Katia Valadeau’s blog explores Dublin’s eclectic food scene, offering insights into hidden culinary gems, diverse food markets, and emerging trends.

The Foodie Gazette: A collective effort by a group of food enthusiasts, this blog covers everything from street food to fine dining in Dublin. You’ll find comprehensive restaurant reviews and profiles of local food artisans.

Food Tours in Dublin

For a more hands-on experience, consider joining one of Dublin’s food tours. These tours provide a chance to meet local chefs, taste regional specialties, and gain a deeper understanding of Irish food traditions.

Fab Food Trails: This award-winning food tour company offers guided walks through Dublin’s neighborhoods, stopping at artisanal food producers, markets, and eateries. You’ll have the opportunity to sample Irish cheeses, seafood, and other culinary delights.

Irish Food Trail: Irish Food Trail tours are not just about eating; they’re also a cultural experience. You’ll learn about Irish history and traditions while savoring delicious food and drinks.

Dublin Whiskey Tours: Whiskey is an integral part of Irish culture, and these tours provide a chance to explore the world of Irish whiskey. You’ll visit distilleries, learn about the whiskey-making process, and, of course, enjoy tastings.

Temple Bar Food Market: Every Saturday, Temple Bar hosts a vibrant food market where local producers showcase their goods. It’s an ideal place to sample artisanal products, from freshly baked bread to organic vegetables.

Culinary Events to Look Out For

Dublin’s culinary calendar is packed with events and festivals that celebrate food and drink. As a French foodie, you’ll find these gatherings both exciting and culturally enriching.

Taste of Dublin: This annual food festival showcases the city’s best restaurants, chefs, and food producers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to sample a wide range of dishes and beverages.

Dublin Bay Prawn Festival: If you’re a seafood lover, don’t miss this event. It highlights Howth’s fresh seafood offerings, including the famous Dublin Bay prawns, with cooking demos and tastings.

Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival: Ireland’s craft beer and cider scene has exploded in recent years. This festival features a vast selection of craft brews from across the country.

Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival: For those who appreciate a good cup of coffee or tea, this festival is a must-visit. You’ll learn about brewing techniques, taste exotic blends, and enjoy sweet treats.

French Influence in Dublin’s Cuisine

While exploring Dublin’s culinary scene, you may also notice the subtle influence of French cuisine. French culinary techniques and ingredients have made their way into many Dublin kitchens, creating a delightful fusion of flavors.

Bistros and Brasseries: Dublin boasts a thriving bistro culture with French-inspired menus. You’ll find classic dishes like coq au vin and beef bourguignon alongside Irish favorites.

Patisseries and Bakeries: French-style patisseries and bakeries have become popular in Dublin. You can savor exquisite pastries, croissants, and artisanal breads.

Wine Bars: Dublin’s wine bars often feature a selection of French wines, making them the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Bordeaux or Burgundy with your meal.

Cheese and Charcuterie: Many Dublin restaurants and markets offer a variety of French cheeses and charcuterie, allowing you to create your own French-inspired platter.


Dublin, with its vibrant food culture, is a dream destination for a French foodie seeking new flavors and experiences. From exploring Irish food blogs to joining food tours and attending culinary events, there’s no shortage of ways to savor the city’s diverse culinary offerings. Whether you’re discovering traditional Irish dishes or enjoying the subtle influence of French cuisine, Dublin is sure to leave your taste buds satisfied and your culinary curiosity piqued. So, pack your appetite and embark on a gastronomic adventure through the heart of Dublin, where food is a celebration of culture, history, and innovation.