How Does A Workman’s Comp Work In Texas?

Workman’s compensation is a special type of insurance carried by most employers that covers employees in the event of an on the job injury or illness. This on the job injury or illness must require more than self-administered aid and covers necessary medical care for which an invoice will be generated. The first workman’s comp Texas saw was written in 1913. While the laws of the state have undergone changes over the years, many employees are still protected by the best workman’s comp Texas has to offer.

Workman’s comp benefits both workers and employers in different ways. It ensures that injured workers get adequate and timely medical care for their on the job injuries while also protecting employers from costly frivolous lawsuits. It also encourages employers to create a safe work environment for employees as well. Each state has their own laws governing the workman’s compensation program. Here’s the lowdown on the workman’s comp program Texas offers its workers.

Who must carry a workman’s comp in Texas?

In many states, every employer is required to carry workman’s comp insurance. Some states require companies with more than 3 employees to carry workman’s comp coverage for their employees. Texas is a little different. It does not require businesses to carry workman’s comp at all.

Only certain industries are mandated to carry this insurance for their employees. For instance, government employees, public transportation employees, and university employees are among some of the workers who are legally required to be covered by workman’s comp insurance.

That said, many businesses opt to carry workmans comp Texas insurance for their employees because it is in their best interest. Without the insurance employers run the risk of being held liable for expenses stemming from on the job illnesses or injuries suffered by employees. These types of lawsuits can financially destroy a business.

What does workman’s comp insurance Texas cover?

Workman’s comp Texas insurance pays for necessary medical care relating to an on the job injury or illness suffered by an employee. These medical expenses may include transportation to and from the doctor, visits to specialists, and even prescription medications.

It will also pay for lost wages suffered by the injured worker. Workman’s comp Texas benefits may also pay for temporary or permanent disability benefits for injured employees as well as offer death benefits for the family of a fatality victim.

What is the statute of limitations for workman’s comp Texas benefits?

Each state has its own structure and time limit for workman’s comp Texas benefits. Some states may be as liberal as several years while others are much stricter. In Texas, employees must file a claim within one year of the date of injury or discovery. The law is written this way because not all symptoms manifest immediately after injury. It may take a little time after an incident to realize you need medical attention. Employers must be notified within 30 days.

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If you own or operate a company in Texas, it’s in your best interest to carry workman’s comp insurance for your employees. While it isn’t required by law, it protects both your business and your workers. Workman’s comp Texas insurance is an investment into the lifeblood of your company. You can request a free quote from a private provider today and be protected tomorrow. If you run a business in Texas without workman’s comp insurance, take the time to get your quote today. It may be the best investment you make this year.