Open vs Enclosed Shipping: Key Differences

Open vs enclosed shipping has outstanding differences that impacts how your vehicle is been transported and the dangers it encounters during shipping. Their differences should be taken note of before finalizing your transportation process. This article will explain in details these differences.

Trailer Type

Every carrier uses different trailers. For unclose shipping, the transport used is a two-tier trailer that is capable of conveying different vehicles.  You can visit for types of trailers and their uses. There is wall or roof thereby the vehicles are opened to whatever elements that comes while in transit.

For enclosed transport, the vehicles are far more protected. The carrier has enclosure which is suitable to convey one vehicle at a time. This type of transport keeps your mind rest assured about the condition of your vehicle. It is not affected by road elements and it doesn’t come in contact with other vehicles like with the open carrier.


Unclose transport is easier to book because it is one of the most preferred transporting method. Also, this is because of its ability to transport multiple cars at a time. It gives an advantage of scheduling your preferred time and date at your convenience.

For enclosed transport, the carriers are limited. This is due to the fact that it carries one vehicle per trip and customers may have issues scheduling the date and time they are convenient with. As a result, it can delay the delivery time as well.


The amount charged for transportation is always a determining factor when choosing a carrier. Unclose transport seems to be less expensive than enclosed carrier because it can transport multiple vehicles. Also, in enclosed transport, the carrier’s weight is accounted for plus the car’s weight. Furthermore, it takes the buying of special equipment to transport car in closed shipping.


Unclose transport seems to be more popular than closed because of certain factors. These factors include, transportation of multiple vehicles, less expensive and so on. People would usually go for closed carrier when they want to transport a very expensive car. Furthermore, carriers provide services for open shipping than closed because purchasing the closed trailer is very expensive.

View of the Vehicle

The unclosed carrier keeps the vehicles in open view which makes it easier for the drivers check on them from time to time. A quick inspection on the vehicles can be done anytime the driver stops the carrier. You can click here to learn more about vehicle inspection. But for enclosed carrier, carrying out a quick inspection will cause delay because it takes time to do that.

Fuel Economy

The amount of fuel used during enclosed transportation is more than that of open method due to some reasons. First the open transport hardly offers services from door to door due to the size of the trailer which makes it difficult to go through some areas. They instead offer service from one terminal to another where the customer has to take their car to the designated terminal.

Closed shipping usually offers services from one doorstep to another. The carrier goes to pick up the car at the location chosen by the customer. This could lead to more fuel consumption as sometimes the pickup point may be quite a distance. Also, the mass of the walls and roof affects the trailer which could require extra fuel to get to its destination.

Delivery Speed

As a lot of people prefer open transport, the carriers make available more unclosed trucks than that of enclosed. Besides that, the open carriers tend to cover more route than the enclosed services. These factors make receiving your car faster when you opt for an open carrier. Also, because enclosed carrier offers services from one doorstep to another, it makes them rarely available which could cause delay.


We mentioned earlier in the article that in enclosed shipping, the vehicle is more protected than when in unclosed shipping. Open transport exposes the vehicle to a lot of risk which can result in minor or major damage. Also due to the fact that the open carrier usually has two layers, the layer which your vehicle is placed could determine the level of risk it will be exposed to.

Personalized Service

This service applies to enclosed shipping because a lot of companies offer it with a white glove service. Here the carrier tends to pay attention to your vehicle as it is the only being transported. This difference between the open and enclosed transportation is strictly applicable to enclosed shipping.  It is not possible with unclose shipping because they driver has to take responsibility of more than one vehicle which could be burdensome.


These pronounced differences will give you a head start when you are planning on shipping your car to your new location. It will help in making decision take will be suitable for your vehicle. With this article you are good to go on shipping your vehicle.