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Breaststroke is one of the four main swimming strokes. It is a popular swimming style used in competition and recreational swimming. To swim breaststroke effectively and efficiently, it is important to have the correct hand position.

Correct Hand Position for Breaststroke

The correct hand position for breaststroke is to keep the fingers slightly spread apart with the palms facing down and the thumbs tucked in. As the arms move through the stroke, the hands should be cupped and pressed against the water. The wrists should be bent slightly and the elbows should be kept close to the body.

Benefits of Proper Hand Position

Having the correct hand position for breaststroke provides several benefits. First, it helps to create a larger surface area for the swimmer to push against the water, which improves the effectiveness of the stroke. Second, it helps to reduce drag, allowing the swimmer to move through the water more quickly and efficiently. Finally, it helps to maintain the correct body alignment, which helps to prevent injuries.

Having the correct hand position for breaststroke is essential for efficient and effective swimming. With the correct hand position, swimmers can move through the water more quickly, reduce drag, and prevent injuries.

The breaststroke swimming style is one of the most popular swimming styles. It requires a combination of coordinated arm and leg movements to achieve the ideal stroke technique. Proper arm positions are vital to ensure maximum efficiency and speed.

When searching for the best positions for the hands and arms during a breaststroke, one should begin with the entry position. This is when the arms and hands enter the water and is generally done with the arms slightly bent and in front of the face. During this stage, the arms should be flat on the surface of the water, with the fingertips pointed forward.

When the arms re-enter the water during the inward sweep phase, the hands should be inside the elbows, with the hands cupped together and the palms facing each other. The arms should be close to the sides of the body and pulled to the hips. The elbows should remain straight and the arms should form a Y shape.

At the catch and pull phase, the hands should be in the same position, but the palms should now face downwards. The arms should press down into the water while they are pulled back towards the chest. The elbows should remain straight and close to the sides of the body.

At the outward sweep, the hands should be pointed away from the body and kept close to the hips. The arms should be extended to their maximum length and the palms should face be facing downward.

Finally, for the finish, the hands should be extended to their maximum out in front of the chest with the palms facing upwards.

Having the proper arm positions during a breaststroke is essential for increased speed and efficiency. Following the guidelines above will help ensure a better swimming technique.

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