Solar Panel Warranties and Guarantees: Ensuring Long-Term Investment Protection

There are several factors that push for the use of solar panels instead of relying on the grid for electricity. Their efficient energy generation, their eco-friendly nature, and even their long-term return on investment make it a no-brainer to add solar panels to the roof of your building.

In addition to those features, solar panels also last for a long time. As long as 25 years is now the minimum lifespan of any top-qualified solar panel system. And with it comes the warranty that preserves the security of your panels for as long as you need them.

In today’s article, solar panel owners can learn the different warranties that exist, what they cover, and how to preserve their solar panel warranty.

What Are the Different Solar Panel Warranties Available?

The end goal of any warranty is to offer a free replacement or repair during a specified period. In addition to that, solar panel warranty cuts across several areas, and they include the following:

Product Warranty: In this case, you get a warranty for a free replacement of your solar panel due to malfunctions caused by faulty manufacturing. In other words, this warranty is only active in the case of defective parts and panels. The average coverage period is 10 years, but in some cases, you enjoy up to 20 years of product warranty. Product warranty is a huge factor to consider when purchasing solar panels.

Power Warranty: Moving on, this type of warranty comes into effect when the actual performance of the panels doesn’t meet up with the specified performance metrics of the manufacturer. In other words, if the panels deteriorate faster than they’re supposed to and lose function quickly, you’re due a replacement via the power warranty. It’s important to note that the average performance deterioration rate is 2-3% after the first year, followed by a consistent 0.5% every year. Anything more than this qualifies for a replacement.

Installation Warranty: Finally, this type is for issues related to racking, wiring, defective parts, workmanship errors, and other installation problems. The warranty lasts between 5 to 25 years, and you get longer installation warranties from companies who also provide installation services. It’s a warranty that protects your photovoltaic systems.

What are the Features to Look Out For in a Solar Panel Warranty?

When buying Solar panels from Solar Co, you need to look out for certain features that give a good comparison of the warranty offered by Solar Co to others. These include:

  • The different types of solar panel warranties that are on offer. Are they offering just one type of warranty, or are all 3 warranties included?
  • What features are not covered by the solar panel warranty?
  • Will the product warranty account for the costs of replacing the panels as well? E.g., Labour costs
  • Can you transfer the warranty to a new owner in case of a relocation or when you sell the home and panels?

These are vital questions you need to find the answers to before purchasing any solar panel.

Bottom Line

Another important piece of the warranty puzzle is learning to take care of it. Warranties are only applicable when the sole cause of defects is on the part of the manufacturer. So ensure you take proper care of the panels for better warranty benefits.