The Incredible Story of Drx(From Underdogs to Quarterfinal Triumph)

It is safe to assume that less than 1% of LCK fans expected to see DRX represent Korea at Worlds. After their incredible run in the regional finals however, most of the doubters were slowly starting to convert into believers. Then the play-ins draw show happened. DRX is placed in a group of death involving LPL’s 4th RNG and LEC’s 4th Mad Lions. The other 3 in the group were thought of as nothing much but even in this environment of a group of death a 4th team rose to the occasion and gave the big regions a good fight, Saigon Buffalo from the VCS. When you find yourself in need of a practice account or hard-to-access skins in League of Legends, buy LOL accounts available for purchase on U7BUY.

Play-ins, the storm is brewing.

DRX’s first opponent in Day 1 of the Play-ins would be RNG. Right off the bat DRX gets to fight against the heavy favorites of not only their group but of the whole Play-ins. Despite the odds DRX manages to completely control the game and reach the late game where Deft’s Tristana could be of much more use than GALA’s short-range Nilah. DRX wins the 40-minute banger and immediately the whole world realizes that there is some serious competition in the Play-ins. DRX continues winning throughout the whole Group Stage and manages to end the Play-ins 5-0 completely shutting all the haters up!

 Group Stage, the Statement to the world.

After the Play-ins DRX is placed into Group C alongside European Champions Rogue, Chinese Superstar Jackeylove’s TOP Esports and VCS’s #1 Seed Gigabyte Marines.

Many people still thought DRX was not good enough for this level of competition and put them 3rd on their Pick’ems. Despite all odds once again DRX manages to top their group alongside Rogue and wins the Tiebreaker against Rogue to secure the 1st seed moving into the Quarter finals. This qualification came with Top Esports disqualification from the Championship, which was one of the biggest upsets in recent history rivaled only by FPX’s group disqualification back in 2021.                         

Quarterfinals, Beginning to believe. 

The Quarter finals matchup for our protagonists was shocking. Even though DRX finished as the first seed and subsequently would have to face a team that finished second in a different group, they found themselves facing the 2021 World Champions EDward Gaming.

This sparked a lot of concern for DRX’s new fanbase as they thought this miracle run would come to a halt here. DRX chooses Blue Side for Game 1 and Beryl picks his Heimerdinger.

Just like the previous games DRX manages to grab control of the gamestate and slowly acquires the drakes, but gets behind on gold in the process. Their effort comes to an end though when they couldn’t secure the soul and end up losing the nail-biting and so important Game 1. Game 2 of the series would go down as the most intense back and forth game of the series and maybe even the whole championship. DRX controls the game once again, this time without securing the drakes but at one point in the game they were up 10 thousand gold. Fast forward minute 39. EDG start the Baron after picking out Pyosik and killing him.

Deft sees an opportunity on a pushed wave in toplane and starts channeling his Teleport(!).

Upon seeing the TP the Chinese team panics and immediately start aborting baron to find a place to recall uninterrupted in order to stop Deft’s backdoor. DRX manages to stop most of the recalls except for Jax’s but it still isn’t enough for EDG and as it looks like Deft would just end the game with one more auto. But right before that last autoattack on the Nexus lands the unthinkable happened. Every player who has been playing long enough has had that happen to them at least once but never before have I seen this happen on the competitive stage. The inhibitor respawned at the last second before Deft’s final autoattack and kept EDG in the game. This slight detail actually helps EDG stabilize and take Game 2 after 2 minutes of the incident. Our team is now down 2-0 against the former World Champions and everyone expects to see a 3-0 clean sweep by EDG. But ZEKA says no no no. After Game 2 ZEKA had an inhuman performance for the next 3 games. It was as if he was channeling his best ever self for this BO5. It was almost as if the lack of luck that they had in game 2 pissed him off to the point of going Super Saiyan. And Super Saiyan he went. ZEKA completely obliterated Scout 3 games in a row making it the biggest Mid Gap we have seen in recent times at Quarterfinals and above. ZEKA with his incredible performance leads DRX to a complete 3-2 sweep stunning the Chinese and astonishing the rest of the world. All that on Deft’s birthday, which was celebrated after their post-game tear-filled interview.

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