Traditional Game vs. Online Game: Is It the Same Thing?

The game of poker is steeped in tradition, history, and strategy. And that’s just a small sample of why it remains popular hundreds of years after its invention. However, it has undergone a major renaissance in recent years, expanding into global popularity. This has changed the way that people play the game, with the most notable being its availability online.

While there are several similarities between online and in-person poker, there are a near-equal number of differences. One perfect example is the fact that before the online boom, most games were fixed or pot-limit Draw or Stud. Now, places like WPT poker online offer mostly no limit Hold ‘Em or PLO. Here are a few other examples of where live and online play differ:

A Unique Environment and Ambience

Online poker creates a much different atmosphere than traditional games do. Whether you’re in a real-world casino or sitting at a relative’s kitchen table, in-person poker involves socialization and interaction, looking for tells, and handling physical cards and chips. Online games remove those elements and make your environment your home or anywhere else you might be playing from.

The Increased Accessibility and Convenience

The unparalleled ease of access that online poker offers is one of the reasons it remains so popular. With providers like WPT poker online hosting quality platforms internationally, players without access to nearby casinos and card rooms can still enjoy their favorite pastime, anytime. Traditional poker requires a much more focused and dedicated effort, while the online game is simple and widely-available.

The Volume and Variety

Most live gaming providers offer a very specific game menu. In today’s industry, that’s typically various Hold ‘Em and Omaha limits. However, online options are often much more expansive.

Not only can you typically go from micro stakes to high-roller limits, but you can also play in numerous tournament formats, including sit ‘n go’s, satellites, and multi-table tournaments (MTTs). Some sites also offer an expanded menu of game types ranging from stud to hi/lo variants to mixed games and others.

The Difference in Game Integrity and Security

The security of your game is also very different between live and online play. Traditional poker requires a physical security presence such as guards, cameras, and even floor managers and dealers. Online poker, however, needs a technological firewall. This is to protect player’s funds, information, the integrity of the pseudo random number generator, and many other aspects of the software. Reputable sites like WPT have the most up-to-date security software available.

Quality Sites Like WPT Poker Online

As you can see, there are some significant distinctions between traditional and online poker. It’s for this reason that many skilled, and profitable live game players are never able to make the crossover into being profitable online players, and vice versa.

If you are someone who prefers the atmosphere and personal interaction of live play, then it probably doesn’t matter to you which poker provider has the best platform. But if you prefer the convenience and ease that online play offers, then WPT is an industry leader and original.

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